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Todd Hager:

I think the program really met all of my expectations and goals, even surpassed them. I came away with the program with a very good feeling for biotechnology as a scientific discipline, and key things such as program management and communication skills and biotechnology law. I think I came away very well prepared to advance my career in this industry.

Dr. Binodh DeSilva:

They get the overall drug development experience hands on. They are able to ask the questions in our research teams that shows the broad perspective of this program. Todd has really benefitted from this program. He can teach the folks who have not gone through this program the importance of the business end as well as the entire drug development picture.

Dr. Tim Osslund:

Channel Islands fills a very important role in developing our students. We've hired many staff from Channel Islands, both in the undergraduate program and the Master's program. The Master's degree program actually expands their thought and knowledge about the whole biotechnology industry. It's an important program, not only to companies like Amgen that need these kinds of staff, but also to the industry in general, because this provides a unique opportunity for students to learn.

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