This page contains archives of Biology degree requirements from previous academic years.

View the current 2013-2014 Undergraduate and Graduate degree requirements

The University Catalog is now archived online and can be found here:

2012-2013 Catalog

Undergraduate Catalog

2011-2012 Catalog (PDF, 226KB)
2010-2011 Catalog (PDF, 623KB)
2009-2010 Catalog (PDF, 811.51KB)
2008-2009 Catalog (PDF, 1.25MB)
2007-2008 Catalog (PDF, 447KB)
2006-2007 Catalog (PDF, 766KB)
2005-2006 Catalog (PDF, 861KB)
2004-2005 Catalog (PDF, 654KB)
2003-2004 Catalog (PDF, 385KB)
2002-2003 Catalog (PDF, 140KB)

Graduate Catalog

2011-2012 Catalog (PDF, 102KB)
2010-2011 Catalog (PDF, 101KB)
2009-2010 Catalog (PDF, 1.19MB)
2008-2009 Catalog (PDF, 602KB)
2007-2008 Catalog (PDF, 795KB)
2006-2007 Catalog (PDF, 202KB)
2005-2006 Catalog (PDF, 166KB)
2004-2005 Catalog (PDF, 150KB)

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