Important Senior Capstone Information

All Biology majors are required to complete a Senior Capstone course before they can graduate from the Biology Program.

All catalogs prior to 2006 state that a one unit capstone (499) course as well as a 2 unit Internship, Independent research or Directed Study (492,494 or 497) need to be completed as part of the major. Beginning fall 2006, the Biology program no longer offers the one unit capstone course. Therefore, the following statements will help you determine how to meet the capstone requirement for your specific catalog year.

Biology students following Biology requirements for any catalog year prior to 2006-2007:

If you have not completed BIOL 492, 494 or 497 you can meet the capstone requirement by completing the following:

  • Enroll in BIOL 499 a 3 unit capstone course - no need to enroll in 492, 494 or 497

If you have completed a 2 unit BIOL 492, 494 or 497 you will meet your capstone (499) course requirement by one of the following options:

  • Enroll in BIOL 490 (1 unit) and complete a substitution form for the one unit BIOL 499
  • Enroll in the BIOL 499 (3 unit capstone) - Your two units for BIOL 492, 494 or 497 can be counted as part of your Biology electives required in your major

492 Internship


  • Pick a faculty advisor and discuss the project.
  • Get approval from the faculty advisor.
  • Go to the company and get the appropriate signatures.
  • Obtain the Biology Chair's signature.
  • Submit the signed forms to Jessyka Dalton (AH 103) for a permission number.


494 Independent Research


  • Pick a faculty advisor to conduct laboratory research. See the Biology Handbook (PDF, 943KB) for additional information.
  • Fill out the online application.
  • After completion of the application process a permission number will be emailed.


497 Directed Study


  • Pick a faculty advisor to conduct reading and library research.
  • Get consent from the faculty advisor and program approval.
  • Specify the number of units that will be taken (Admission and Records will not do this for you).
  • Submit completed signed form to Jessyka Dalton (AH 103) for a permission number.


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