Career Opportunities After Graduation

The Bachelor of Science in Biology provides breadth and depth in biology and supporting sciences and is designed for students who wish to enter health professional (e.g., medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy) programs, graduate schools in all aspects of biology, or seek careers in business, industry or government. By following course roadmaps that align with their interests and career goals, students can choose electives that prepare them for careers in biotechnology, natural resources, conservation, education or for entry into certification programs in health-related fields (including medical imaging, clinical laboratory science, and public health microbiology).

The Bachelor of Arts degree provides a general background in both the concepts and the technical skills of modern biology and is designed for students seeking a more flexible degree program. Within the Bachelor of Arts program, students can choose to follow an elective course roadmap required for entering a single subject credential program in science for teaching at the high school and middle school levels. Additional courses in geology, astronomy, and chemistry are recommended to meet the breadth requirements for credential programs.

The Biology Minor provides non-majors with a background in biology necessary for many graduate and professional programs. Equipped with a minor in biology, students with majors in other disciplines will have a greater understanding and knowledge of the latest advances in many areas of biology and will therefore be more versatile in their career paths. The requirement for a Minor in Biology is 21 units.

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