Ben Faber, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Natural Resources Ventura County, University of California Cooperative Extension)

Dr. Faber is the soils/water/subtropical crops advisor for Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. His primary crop involvements are avocado and citrus, but other subtropical and deciduous crops are also covered, such as litchi, longan, blueberries, cherimoya and passion fruit. He is currently evaluating various subtropical tree varieties for their economic viability in coastal environments. He also studies soil and water quality issues, such as erosion management, salinity management, orchard floor management, irrigation scheduling and fertility management. Dr. Faber has his Ph.D. in soil fertility and M.S. in pomology. Please visit: Ben Faber for further information.

Oleg Daugovish, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Natural Resources Ventura County, University of California Cooperative Extension)

Dr. Daugovish is a Ventura County Farm Advisor.  He is an expert on the agricultural and environmental Issues for vegetable crops and strawberries along the Central Coast, especially in relation to the control of pathogens, nematodes, and weeds affecting crops. Please visit: Agriculture and Natural Resources Ventura County for further information.

Michael Cahn, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Natural Resources Monterey County, University of California Cooperative Extension)

Dr. Cahn is a expert in irrigation and nutrient management. He is the UCCE farm advisor for Monterey County, CA. Please visit: Agriculture and Natural Resources Monterey County for further information.

Mr. Brett Chandler (Associates Insectary, Santa Paula, CA)

Mr. Chandler is the President & General Manager of Associates Insectary located in Santa Paula, California since 1928. Associates Insectary raises a variety of beneficial organisms to help grower-members fight destructive pests, which threaten citrus and avocado crops. Please visit: Associates Insectary for further information.

Gordon Wardell Ph.D. (Paramount Farming Company, Lost Hills, CA)

Dr. Wardell is a Senior Bee Biologist for Paramount Farming Company and President of the South Valley Bee Club. At Paramount he works closely with Paramount beekeepers to insure their satisfaction while at the same time maximizing pollination potential for Paramount's almonds. He has been a beekeeper for many years, formulated Mega-Bee, the supplemental feed, conducted research on nutrition, mites, small hive beetle, Africanized Honey Bees, and many other topics. In addition, he has authored numerous scientific publications on honey bees. Dr. Wardell received a B.S. in Biology from Alma College, an M.S. in Biology and Plant Ecology from Western Kentucky University and a Ph.D. in Entomology from Michigan State University. Please visit: Paramount farms for further information.

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