Jeffery Thompson (Ph.D., Biology, CSU San Bernardino)
Dr. Thompson is chair of biology at CSU San Bernardino his research interests involve manipulating neuronal and glial cells to examine the extracellular matrix in the normal development of the nervous system.

Dr. Thompson has now begun studies of human adult stem cells to determine a procedure to stimulate the undifferentiated stem cells into neurons. Please visit Biology CSUSB for further information.

Paul M. Salvaterra (Ph.D., Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope)
Dr. Salvaterra is a professor of neurosciences who is interested in genes that determine the neuronal cellular fate and specific neurotransmitter phenotypes of cells in the nervous system.

Dr. Salvaterra is currently interested in defining the genetic personality of specific kinds of neurons in order to use proper cells for neuronal replacement, this information will be essential in directing stem cell differentiation into proper developmental pathways. Please visit for further information.

Laurie Zoloth (Ph.D., Center for Genetic Medicine, Northwestern University)
Dr. Zoloth is Professor of Ethics and Director of the Program in Jewish Studies at San Francisco State University. She is a member of the NASA National Advisory Council, the nation's highest civilian advisory board for NASA, the Executive Committee of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, and she is the Chair of the newly formed Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Bioethics Advisory Board.

Dr. Zoloth's current research projects include work on both the ethics of ordinary life, and the emerging issues in medical and research genetics. Please visit for further information.

Bill Tawil (Ph.D., Baxter Healthcare Corporation)
Dr. Tawil has worked in the field of Tissue Regeneration examining products (synthetic and biologics) that successfully deliver bioactive substances and cells to enhance healing in soft and hard tissue defects.

Dr. Tawil is currently leading a team in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to issue a standard for the use of fibrin sealant for delivering bioactive substances and cells. He is also responsible for establishing collaborations between Baxter and other companies and academic institutions. Please visit Bill Tawil for further information.

Philip Schwartz (Ph.D., Children's Hospital of Orange County)
Dr. Schwartz is the Director of the National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource at Children's Hospital of Orange County.

Dr. Schwartz's current research focuses on the banking and characterization of neural stem cells harvested from postmortem human brain, particularly those from children and adults with neurogenetic disease. Please visit for further information.

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