Faculty Members

Full-Time Faculty

Ruben Alarcón, PhD 
Associate Professor
Aliso Hall Room 203
Phone (805) 437-2634
Email: Ruben Alarcon

Allison Alvarado, PhD
Assistant Professor
Aliso Hall Room 208
Phone: (805) 437-8896
Email: Allison Alvarado

Amy Denton, PhD
Aliso Hall Room 207
Phone (805) 437-8458
Email: Amy Denton

Geoffrey Dilly, PhD
Assistant Professor
Aliso Hall Room 204
Phone (805) 437 - 3726
Email: Geoffrey Dilly

Erich Fleming, PhD
Assistant Professor
Aliso Hall Room 202
Phone: (805) 437-3696
Email: Erich Fleming

Gareth Harris, PhD
Assistnat Professor
Aliso Hall Room 201
Email: Gareth Harris

Nancy Mozingo, PhD  
Chair, Biology & Geology Programs 
Aliso Hall Room 205
Phone: (805) 437-8989
Email: Nancy Mozingo

Dawn Neuman, PhD
Sage Hall 2037
Phone: (805) 437-3656
Email: Dawn Neuman

Nitika S. Parmar, PhD 
Associate Professor
Director of the MS in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Program 
Aliso Hall Room 206
Phone: (805) 437-8873
Email: Nitika S. Parmar


Michael Abdelsayed
Solano Hall 1115
Email: Michael Abdelsayed

Shannon Andreoli, MS
Solano Hall 1115
Phone: (805) 437-1636
Email: Shannon Andreoli

Bryn Aquino, MA
Manzanita Hall 1112
Phone: (805) 437-3695
Email: Bryn Aquino

Caryl Ann Becerra
Ojai Hall 1973
Phone: (805) 437-2774
Email: Caryl Ann Becerra

Jennifer Ellsworth
Solano Hall 1115
Email: Jennifer Ellsworth

Katrina Hales
Solano Hall 1115
Email: Katrina Hales

Zin Htway, PhD
Aliso Hall 105
Phone: (805) 437-3655
Email: Zin Htway

Samantha Lantz
Solano Hall 1115
Email: Samantha Lantz

Steven Norris, PhD
Manzanita Hall 1116
Phone: (805) 437-2763
Email: Steven Norris

Lorna Profant, PhD
Aliso Hall 107 
Phone: (805) 437-8837
Email: Lorna Profant

Charles Sackerson, PhD
Aliso Hall 104
Phone: (805) 437-8806
Email: Charles Sackerson

Tom Schmidhauser, PhD
Aliso Hall 108
Phone: (805) 437-8974
Email: Tom Schmidhauser

Bryan Swig, PhD
Aliso Hall 105
Phone: (805) 437-2798
Email: Bryan Swig

Chunnian Zhao, PhD
Sage Hall 2023
Phone: (805) 437-3532
Email: Chunnian Zhao


Staff Members

Jessyka Dalton, MS, MBA
Administrative Analyst
Aliso Hall 103
Phone: (805) 437-2779
Email: Jessyka Dalton

M.C. Walcott 
Instructional Support Technician I
Solano 1115
Phone: (805) 437-3184
Email: M.C. Walcott

Kimberly Gardner
Instructional Support Technician II
Aliso Hall 102
Phone: (805) 437-8502
Email: Kimberly Gardner

Catherine Hutchinson, MS
Instructional Support Technician III
Aliso Hall 106
Phone: (805) 437-8403
Email: Catherine Hutchinson

Michael Mahoney, MS
Instructional Support Technician III
Aliso Hall 106
Phone: (805) 437-8853
Email: Michael Mahoney

Drew Waner
Equipment Technician III
Sierra Hall 2119
Phone: (805) 437-8401
Email: Drew Waner