2015-2016 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics: Stem Cell Technology and Laboratory Management Emphasis, M.S. (34-35 units)

Degree Requirements

Common Core Courses (12 units)

BINF 500 DNA & Protein Sequence Analysis (3)
BIOL 502 Techniques in Genomics/Proteomics (3)
BIOL 503 Biotechnology Law and Regulation (3)
BIOL 504 Molecular Cell Biology (3)

Stem Cell Technology and Laboratory Management Emphasis (22-23 units)

Required Courses (13 units)

BIOL 602 course is offered quarterly at 1.5 units, which is repeatable for a total of 6 units for a year long project.

BIOL 510 Tissue Culture Techniques and Stem Cell Technology (3)
BIOL 512 Advanced Topics in Regenerative Medicine (1)
BIOL 513 Cell Culture Facility Management (3)
BIOL 602 Stem Cell Technology Internship (1.5 units X 4) (6)

Electives (9-10 units)

A minimum of three course chosen from the elective courses for the Biotechnology Emphasis and/or from the required courses for the other emphases of the program. Students who have not taken a course in developmental biology or embryology MUST take BIOL 517 (Mechanisms of Development).

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement

Writing proficiency prior to the awarding of the degree is demonstrated by successful completion of BINF 500 with a grade of B or higher.

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